We are very happy to have you here! Yoga Markandeya  started with the wish to pass on the teachings of our Guru’s Made Sumantra. We believe that Yoga is a complete science of self-discipline which balances, harmonizes, purifies, and strengthens the Body, Mind, and Soul of the practitioner. Yoga shows the way to perfect health, mind control and peace with one’s Self, nature and the Divine energy.

Yoga gives you the tools to find your way back to your true Self, which is your true nature of peace, happiness and bliss.

Everyone can do Yoga, no matter age, physical health or previous experiences. An open state of mind and the wish to learn are the most important. Because we can only show you the path….you are the only one who can walk on it.


Markandeya Yoga is traditional classic hatha Yoga, Tantra, Karma, Bhakti, Japa, Yantra and jnana Yoga  as taught by Guru Made Sumantra. It has condensed the essence of the ancient yoga teachings into 7 principles for physical and mental health as well as spiritual growth. These 7 points are the core teachings of the Markandeya Yoga.

Ajaran Leluhur Bangsa Nusantara

The practice of yoga is to reunite the individual Self (jiva) with the Absolute or pure consciousness (Brahman).

Rsi Markandeya

Om Shanti  Shanti Shanti Om

Guru Made Sumantra

email: balineseyoga@yahoo.com

Hp: 087861187825

Sapta Loka tala


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