Guru Made Sumantra-This was a very beautiful energetic healing that left you feeling full of energy and just glowing afterwards.  Made used intuition to access your energy field and to bring balance and healing to your chakras and aura.  Guru Made performed this healing using Dasa Vayu, which is very similar to Reiki.

Guru Made will gave me some meditation exercises to do to keep your energy field strong.  Guru Made also opened your crown chakra which was an extremely beautiful experience.  Guru Made ended by performing the  Balinese melukat ceremony for self-purification with you.  I tilted your head down and he poured water and flowers on top, and at the end, put rice on my forehead. Many people loved that Guru Made used a combination of many healing treatments on on them.  This was a very special experience, and one that you feel brought a lot of healing into your life on an energetic level.  Cost: $50 

Address: Jl. Lungsiakan at Yoga Healing Bali Phone: 087 861 187 825 email:


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