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With spiritual vibration since he was still in the womb, with the spiritual touch of Adhi yogi and by doing Sedhana yoga since he was still a child, Guru Made Sumantra becomes a yoga instructor from one country to others. With a steady step in life through Sedhana yoga, Guru Made Sumantra was successful in finding and processing the whole energy essences from every levels of yoga to be a supreme energy which is able to guide, protect, and heal all creatures around in this world as a great soul awareness. The whole energy essences are united and transformed to be a high energy which is named Prakat energy by Guru Made Sumantra. This Prakat appears from the Sedhana of all yoga levels, so that the achievement process becomes a secret knowledge and it is delegated through Shaktipat from the grand master to master, then from master to practitioner.

This supreme energy will touch the souls, so that it will become universal. It will flow without discriminating groups, ethnics, religions, nations, and even the branches of knowledge all over the world. The way to access this energy is quite simple without any hard efforts, meanwhile the result is fabulous beyond the power of thought because this energy flows from the vibration of soul greatness. This knowledge will give advantage to all practitioners from all ages.

11377378_717610951680797_515180817638515427_nThis knowledge has been learned and done by many people all over the world, incorporated in Prakat international, highest energy healing.

This knowledge will be connected through shaktipat, that’s why the energy is only able to be accessed with the direct guidance from grand masters or the masters. This knowledge is not available in any books. Moreover, the person who is not achieving shaktipat yet will not be able to learn this knowledge.

If you are interested in learning this knowledge, please join us in Prakat International.

The advantages of learning and practicing this knowledge:

  1. Raises the body’s cell system and healing system.
  2. Keeps the balance of physical, emotion, and mental energy.
  3. Heals medical or non-medical severe diseases
  4. Strengthens self protection from any negative effects
  5. Develops the opening process of whole chakra, mayor and minor.
  6. Develops and cleanse the whole nadhi.
  7. Destroys all Gharanti which obstructs the energy tract.
  8. Grows trust, faith, and self discipline.
  9. Be adored in all social environments because the charisma has been raised.
  10. Destroys fortune obstacle.
  11. Be active and creative in facing life.
  12. Able to protect property and family from any harm.
  13. Develops love and caring.
  14. Guides the spiritual practice.
  15. The words we speak give a positive effect.
  16. Cleanses the heart.
  17. Opens the third eye, the ability to see and tell fortunes.
  18. Increase self wisdom, the flows of the high jnana level.
  19. Able to heal ourselves and others.
  20. Able to heal from distance.
  21. Make a high protection with al media.
  22. And there are many other miracles.

The knowledge level of Prakat International:11351357_490814484404841_3928517157220861928_n

  1. Practitioner level
  2. Master level
  3. Grand master level

Everyone will be able to reach this level with a serious effort and join the shaktipat kindheartedly. Please join! Decision should be taken, confusion will not give any result, the act determines all results in life.

Prakat Meditation

Meditation for practitioner

  1. Pray to the god, wishing for Prakat energy blessing.
  2. Pray to the soul (Atman), wishing for Prakat guidance.
  3. Pray to the whole natural energies so that they can be accessed into our bodies.
  4. Pray to Kundalini goddess so that it can be raised.

Shaktipat process

  1. The third eye’s core meditation, achieving the shaktipat flow in the third eye in 5 minutes.
  2. Atman’s core meditation, achieving the shaktipat flow in the heart’s core, in 5 minutes.
  3. Tri nadhi meditation, achieving the shaktipat flow in tri nadhi, in 5 minutes.
  4. Kundalini meditation, achieving kundalini raising shaktipat, in 5 minutes.
  5. Cakra meditation, achieving chakra opening shaktipat, 5 minutes for each chakras.
  6. Meditation to access and cleansing earth prana, sun prana, and air prana, 5 minutes for each prana.
  7. Meditation by using all prana to clean, heal and strengthen our bodies.

Meditation closing, thank the god, atman, kundalini goddess, and natural prana and wish that they will always be inside us.

Meditation for the master

  1. Pray to the god, wishing for Prakat energy blessing.
  2. Pray to the soul (Atman), wishing for Prakat guidance.
  3. Pray to the whole natural energies so that they can be accessed into our bodies.
  4. Pray to Kundalini goddess so that it can be raised.
  5. Pray to the natural yantra so that it can be placed inside us.

Meditation to place yantra / symbol

  1. Place the third eye symbol in 5 minutes.


  1. Place the heart symbol in 5 minutes.


  1. Place the tri nadhi symbol in 5 minutes.


  1. Place the kundalini symbol in 5 minutes.


  1. Place the chakra symbols, 5minutes for each chakra.


  1. Mooladara chakra


  1. Swadhistana chakra


  1. Manipura chakra


  1. Anahata chakra


  1. Wishuda chakra


  1. Agna chakra


  1. Sahasrara chakra


The practice to apply the symbols for :

  1. Shaktipat
  2. Absorbing natural energies
  3. Healing others

The prakat masters should also be able to lead meditation for practitioner, and heal others.



  1. What is prakat? And how to activate it?

What is said as non physical energy (soft) in our bodies?

Cosmic I supported by the almighty god. According to prakat, the god’s energy which is used in operating (creating, maintaining, and dissolving) the cosmic is chaitanya ( divine awareness). Related to human being, chaitanya is known as cheetana which is the part of god that is needed in doing human function. There are two kinds of cheetana depends on the situation and activity, cheetana takes two kinds of different names.

  • The active cheetana which is also known as prana-shakti or vital energy. This vital energy or prana-shakti maintains and gives energy to human’s physical body, mind, intellect, and soft ego. This energy is distributed through non physical line s(tracts) which is known as nadhis (groups of nadhi). Nadhis can be found all over human’s body and supply energy to the cells, nerves, arteries, and lymph.
  • The non-active cheetana which is known as kundalini. It sleeps in human’s body until it’s activated for spiritual growth.
  1. What is the prakat for ?

Prakat is used especially for spiritual growth. Prakat is not used to take part in daily functions of human’s body.

  1. How to activate prakat?

Prakat can be activated through spiritual practice or energy distribution in spiritual way.

  • Prakat activation through spiritual practice

It’s including the practices under the basic spiritual ways to reach god, such as action way (karma yoga), devotion way (bhakti yoga), intentional hard physical practice (hatha yoga), and teacher’s blessing way (gurukrupa yoga). The practice of hatha yoga including celibacy, pranayam (breathing practice), yogic practices and other spiritual practices. Some of the people try to force the activation of prakat through intentional hard physical practice (hatha yoga). It can cause harmful effects, some people even become insane of this practice.

  • Energy transferring through shaktipat

Shaktipat can be said as rewarding or transferring prakat energy from a person to others, especially by a spiritual guide (teacher) whose spiritual sense has been developed to the students. Shaktipat can be transferred through holy words, sight, thought, or touch, the last example is usually transferred through adnya chakra or eyebrow chakra of the receiver. The distribution of this energy starts the raising of prakat. After it’s raised, it depends on the increasing or continuity of the students’ efforts in doing spiritual practices.

  • The recommended way to activate and distribute prakat

Whatever the spiritual way, as long as there is a spiritual growth, prakat will be increasing. 13015683_10209378588282542_4502967907565880364_nGuru Made Sumantra recommends a regular spiritual practice which is appropriate with the six basic principles of spiritual practice, to help in raising prakat naturally. According to Guru’s, the invisible principle of god’s theory will activate the prakat. Because prakat itself is activated through the blessing of guru (teacher), so it will automatically distributed upwards and transformed spiritually to the seeker. On the other hand, if the energy is transferred to the seeker in shaktipat way, it will be like a situation in which a person is suddenly given a spiritual energy. Moreover, the seeker will get an interesting and addicting experience. But, only by increasing the spiritual practices in qualitative and quantitative ways, the seeker will be given a guarantee of sustainable blessings of the teacher. This is the way to activate prakat in such a right way and also strengthen the faith and awareness of the spiritual seeker.

In order to understand about this, let’s use an analogy.

  • Using own efforts in doing sustain spiritual practices is just like working hard to gain wealth.
  • Activate prakat through direct energy transferring is just like being born in a millionaire family where the child is provided with instant money.

From the examples above it can be said that getting wealth through hard work is always sustainable and becomes a certain choice for the future growth.

  • Important aspects of prakat

The same as the heart which is the centre organ of blood distribution and brain which is the centre of nerve system, non physical system also has various centres (chakras), lines (tracts) and arteries. There are 7200 non physical tracts (nadhi), but there are only three main tracts, they are :

  • Sushumnanadhi or Shiwanadhi, the main tract which lays from the bottom of the backbone up to the upper part of the head.
  • Pingala or wisnunadhi, the tract which lays on the right side of sushumnanadhi
  • Ida or brahmanadhi, the tract which lays on the left side of sushumnanadhi.

13015479_10209378599322818_347261054681645826_nThe vital energy is distributed into the body through brahmanadhi, wisnunadhi and also the other nadhis. This energy flows alternately through brahmanadhi and wisnunadhi. Prakat is a spiritual energy which is, for most of the people, not active yet. Through spiritual practice, this energy starts to increase from the bottom of the back bone through sumshumnanadhi up to the head. While it’s happening, prakat activates the whole chakras along its way.

When prakat passes each of the chakras along the sumshumnanadhi, there is a thin non physical valve which needs to be pushed to make it move upwards. As prakat pushes through the valve, sometimes there is an increasing in the amount of spiritual energy from shumsumnanadhi of the chakra. Because it doesn’t have a place to release, sometimes the energy comes out from the no physical arteries around it and will be changed into prana shakti or vital energy. In this period of time, the person can feel an increasing activity around the area. For example, the increasing of prana shakti or vital energy in sacrum area or swadhisthan chakra may cause the increasing of sexual arousal. As what has been discussed before, prakat is raised through spiritual practice whatever the way is, but the pattern may be changing, depends on how that way to reach god is perceived. For example, when prakat is passing anahat chakra or the heart:

  • According the devotion way, the spiritual seeker is said to have reached the manifestation of bhav (emotion/ spiritual feeling) which is the situation of spiritual emotion which has already been manifested.
  • But related to knowledge way, the seeker starts to feel chaitanya or divine awareness.

Several general signs of the rising (active) prakat including :

  • Accidentally startling or shaking.
  • Feeling an intense warmth, especially caused by the energy that flows along the chakra.
  • Spontaneous pranayam, asan, mudra, and bandha.
  • Visions or sounds at any time which is related to a certain chakra.
  • An intensive feeling of comfort.
  • Emotional cleansing in which certain emotions become dominant in any period of time.

Those signs above are the visible effects in shaktipat as the way to activate prakat. The spiritual seekers who feel seriously interested in spiritual development should realize that those experiences seem to be real and interesting. But, those signs are only the early results and experiences caused by the sudden spiritual energy transferring, not in any way the end of the spiritual practice itself or the harmony with the real goal of life.

Prakat shaktipat tract

The tract of prakat shaktipat giving will be appropriate with the level of shaktipat which has been mastered, so that the prakat blessing will flow purely without any disturbance of side effect.

Who are allowed to receive prakat shaktipat?

This shaktipat can be given to anyone who feel disposed to receive it, practitioner and also master. Shaktipat can be done repeatedly, which will give a manifold power of the prakat blessing.

Prakat grand master

Prakat grand master will be able to do shaktipat for masters and practitioners, directly and indirectly.

Prakat master

Prakat master will be able to do direct shaktipat for the practitioners, because has been given prakat shaktipat symbols by the prakat grand master. The prakat master is not yet allowed to do long distance prakat shaktipat, because special shakti symbols are needed in doing it. So, long distance shaktipat will only be done by the prakat grand master.

Prakat practitioners

Prakat practitioners are the one who only receives shaktipat and uses it for self protection, self healing, and self cleansing. And also, for activating the whole self potentials by practicing meditation in life.

Want To Be Balinese Energy International Certification Healer?  Please Praktice with Us, Guru Made Sumantra.

MARKANDEAYA YOGA INDONESIA ,PRAKAT INTERNATIONAL,YOGA HEALING BALI 13002557_10209378593562674_8764771528318772979_ooccasionally offer workshops in this practice. You can organizing your own time , to meet Guru Made Sumantra to learn abouth PRAKAT, Balinese energy healing technique.  You just need five hours to follow our workshop . Join and contac us!

PRAKAT INTERNATIONAL, Balinese Energy Healing Certification Training

(Energy Healing In Balinese Tradition)

PRAKAT INTERNATIONAL, Balinese Energy Healing

Level I/II Training
13265887_1181654268534174_6132330999949082062_nIn PRAKAT INTERNATIONAL, Balinese Energy Healing

Level I, you will be attuned to the Prakat healing energy, learn how to give a full and effective Prakat Energy Healing session to others and yourself and receive Prakat Energy Symbol.

Level I Certification. No prerequisites are required for Prakat Level I. All levels are welcome. In Prakat Level II, you will receive the second level Prakat  attunement, learn the Prakat symbols, Distance Prakat and receive Prakat Level II Certification. Prakat Level I is a prerequisite to Prakat Level II.

PRAKAT INTERNATIONAL, Balinese Energy Healing

Level III/Master Training
In PRAKAT INTERNATIONAL, Balinese Energy Healing

Level III, you will receive the third level Prakat Energy attunement and symbols, learn 13227815_1568158256818348_1159201644664845853_oAura Clearing (Psychic Surgery), Prakat Crystals and the Crystal Healing Grid, Prakat Energy Sound and Color Therapy and receive Prakat Level III Certification. Prakat Level II is a prerequisite for Prakat Level III. In the Prakat Master Teacher Class, you will receive the Master Teacher Prakat attunement and symbols, learn how to give Advanced Prakat Healing Attunements to enhance your Prakat Healing sessions, how to pass Prakat Level I, II, III and Master Level Attunements to others, how to organize a Prakat Level I, II, III and Master Class and receive Prakat Master Teacher Certification. Prakat Level III is a prerequisite to the Prakat Master Class.

PRAKAT INTERNATIONAL, Balinese Energy Healing Training cost

Ubud,Bali, Indonesia.

PRAKAT INTERNATIONAL, Balinese Energy Healing Level I at Pasraman Markandeya Yoga, Ubud, Bali, $ 300 US

PRAKAT INTERNATIONAL, Balinese Energy Healing Level II at Pasraman Markandeya Yoga, Ubud, Bali, $ 400 US

(Combined PRAKAT INTERNATIONAL, Balinese Energy Healing

Level I and II,  $ 600 US)

PRAKAT INTERNATIONAL, Balinese Energy Healing Level III at Pasraman Markandeya Yoga, Ubud, Bali, $ 500 US

PRAKAT INTERNATIONAL, Balinese Energy Healing Master Class at Pasraman Markandeya Yoga, Ubud, Bali, $ 600 US

(Combined prakat  Level III and Master Class– $ 1000 US)

PRAKAT INTERNATIONAL, Balinese Energy Healing Level I Class Includes:

13198501_1144767732249714_272188072665671891_oPrakat Level I Attunement
Prakat History
The Five Prakat Principles
Prakat Hand Placements
Instruction and practice in giving Prakat to self and others
The Human Energy System
Prakat Meditation

Prakat Level II Class Includes:

Review Level I Review – questions and answers

Prakat Level II Attunement
Instruction and practice in drawing the Prakat Level II symbol
Instruction and practice in drawing a new Prakat symbol
Integration of the Prakat symbols into a Prakat session
Instruction and practice in Distance Prakat Healing
Sending Prakat Energy to the past and future
Sending Prakat Energy through the breath
Sending Prakat Energy through the eyes
Prakat  Meditation
Prakat  Level III Class Includes:

Prakat Level I and II Review – questions and answers13064709_1144766995583121_2442366898839259220_o
Prakat Level III Attunement
Instruction and practice using the Prakat  Master symbol
Instruction and practice using four modern Prakat symbols
Instruction in the Microcosmic Orbit and the Prakat Exercise
Psychic Surgery and Aura Clearing Techniques
Antahkarana Ancient Pamungkas Healing Symbol
Prakat Crystals and the Crystal Healing Grid
Introduction to Prakat Sound Healing
Introduction to Prakat Color Healing
Prakat Meditation

The Prakat Master Class Includes:

Prakat Level I, II and III Review – questions and answers
The Prakat Master Attunement
Instruction and practice in using three Balinese Prakat Master symbols
Instruction and practice in advanced Prakat Healing Attunements
Instruction and practice in giving Prakat Level I, II, III and Master attunements
Instruction in how to organize a Prakat Level I,II,III and Master class
Prakat Meditation


MODUL PRAKAT INTERNATIONAL, Balinese Energy Healing Workshop.

Brief History of Prakat,Acknowledgment. The Generator of Prakat.Calling Power of Prakat. Placing the power of Prakat. Speading the Prakat to all parts of body. Ballancing our enrgy with cosmic energy.Feeling the flow of energy.  Attunement of Prakat symbol.Praktice Healing, self ,  other healing, and long distance healing.



(Grand Master )


Hp: 087861187825


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