The fortune teller


Unlock your life’s potential and make the best decisions for your future! Understand your latent potential as portrayed by your astrological signature. Discover how the life choices that you make will determine how these cosmic energies will actually play themselves out in your life. Guru Made Sumantra will help you to understanding this situation.

Do you want me to predict your future? Guru Made Sumantra your fortune teller and I will help you, but remember: You are responsible for your future. Guru Made Sumantra will give you great guidance with future predictions! What is the best choice? Guru Made Sumantra helps to find your answer!! No one can predict your future, but with fortune telling the fortune teller gives you advice regarding your future actually.

Guru Made Sumantra uses the Balinese horoscope (Lontar Pewacakan and Pengruawatan Atma ) to predict your future. Guru Made Sumantra use a different horoscope system.

When you ready to give me helping you. Please Come at YOGA HEALING BALI.

Love Offering : $ 50,-

Jalan Raya Lungsiakan, Kedewatan, Ubud- Bali.


Hp: 087861187825.


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